I’m Honored to Serve as Your Representative

Dear Friends,

Our hard work has paid off. In November, we were able to declare victory after a final vote count of 55-45%. With the ballots finally counted, I want to thank everyone who helped me–by donating time or money, walking door to door, attending events, making phone calls, delivering yard signs or offering support, wisdom and encouragement – any of the multitude of tasks necessary to run a campaign. Without you, this campaign could not have happened. You have my sincere and heart-felt thanks and I am humbled by your efforts on my behalf. You have made the difference.

This has been an amazing adventure for Lynn and I, and we look forward to what comes next. As one journey ends, so begins another. I look forward to walking with you along the way.

Pete Lee

  • Final* election results:

Polling Early Mail-In COR Total Votes
Pete Lee (D) 3293 735 6371 41 10,440 (54.52%)
Karen Cullen (R) 2693 515 5479 23 8,710 (45.48%)

* Results as reported by the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder