Democrats and Republicans Join Together for Waldo Canyon Fundraiser

The local Democrat and Republican parties, normally at odds on most issues, will combine their efforts to host a fundraising reception for Pike’s Peak United Way’s Waldo Canyon Fire Victim Assistance Fund on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 5:30 – 7:00 PM at El Pomar’s Penrose House Garden Pavilion. Cost is a $25 suggested donation and is open to the public.

The party leaders joined together to plan this non-partisan event in hopes of motivating all citizens to unite in their support of the fire victims. “In times like these, we are reminded that we are all part of the larger community.

We are not just Democrat or Republican, we are all citizens of Colorado Springs and El Paso County and we care deeply about our town and its people,” said Kathleen Ricker, Chair for the El Paso County Democratic Party. “Now is the time for us to reach out to those in need and make that our priority.”

Eli Bremer, Chair of the El Paso County Republicans agreed. “People in our county want to help no matter what their political affiliation,” said Bremer. “We’re showing that we can put aside our differences to work together for the good of this community. If the Democratic and Republican parties can team up like this, then everyone can.” Bremer noted that this teaming between the two political parties is the first of its kind in El Paso County.

The evening will feature appearances by several elected officials from both parties, including Lt. Governor Joe Garcia and Senate Majority Leader John Morse, as well as members of the fire team and firefighters. Live music by Dixie-Q, drinks, hors d’oeuvres and conversations with elected officials of both parties will round out the evening.

Event organizers hope to raise $50,000 at this event, and stated that 100% of the proceeds will go to Pikes Peak United Way’s Waldo Canyon Fire Victim Assistance Fund. El Pomar Foundation donated the initial $125,000 to the fund, and it has since grown to more than a half-million dollars. The fund supports organizations that directly assist families and individuals affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Please sign up for the event by clicking here.  The suggested donation for this event is $25.  Please click here to complete your donation directly with the Waldo Canyon Victim Assistance Fund.

CO State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Pete Lee

2701 West 84th Avenue Suite #211 Westminster, CO 80031-3800
Phone (303) 426-1733 • Fax (303) 426-1567
Frank Gale Dan Schaefer
July 1, 2012

To the Citizens of Colorado’s House District 18, As the largest law enforcement organization in both Colorado and the United States, representing several thousand sworn law enforcement officers in this state, the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police is proud to support and endorse Pete Lee for re-election to Colorado House District 18. Pete has served for two years on the House Judiciary Committee. He understands the issues surrounding public safety and the problems faced daily by line officers. He is a proven leader with integrity, character, and courage. He understands the importance of promoting effective public safety solutions in Colorado.

Pete Lee has shown himself to be a truly dedicated public official who has demonstrated to us that he is a friend of law enforcement and an asset to the community he serves. He values the men and women who work every day to keep Colorado’s communities safe.  We have worked closely with Pete on several bills important to public safety.  His successful legislation concerning restorative justice was strongly supported by the Fraternal Order of Police. It gives victims the right to meet face-to-face with the offender under highly-regulated circumstances, and allows for sentences that focus on compensating and repairing harm to victims.

Pete Lee not only understands the issues surrounding public safety, but he is willing to roll up his sleeves and work hard to solve the serious problems facing our state now and in the future.  Pete is a strong advocate for Colorado’s small businesses with a passion for his community and a desire for dedicated public service.  Pete is steadfast in his commitment to reducing unemployment and getting people back to work.

Pete is not governed by partisan politics. Far from being a professional politician, Pete is a citizen politician who will take the time to listen to the community and to those most affected by the problems we all face.  He does not put a political agenda ahead of the interests of the citizens of his district. Pete Lee brings real-world experience to public office.  He is a man of strong principles and courage whose interest in being elected to this position of public trust is to serve his constituency.  He understands the real issues facing the citizens of House District 18 and Colorado.  We have no doubt he will continue to work hard to resolve the serious issues facing our great state.

Pete Lee’s history of commitment to public service and fairness has earned him this valuable endorsement.  He has proven to being creative and open minded by drawing upon the best ideas from various sources and philosophical arenas working toward practical and effective resolutions of the challenges Colorado’s communities face.  As such, we have no doubt that Pete Lee is the best candidate for this office.  We strongly endorse and support the re-election of Pete Lee for Colorado House District 18.

Michael J Violette
Executive Director
Colorado State Lodge
Fraternal Order of Police