Announcement: Endorsed by The Denver Post & The Colorado Springs Independent

October 20, 2012
Endorsement: 11 Candidates for the Colorado House of Representatives

House District 18: In this district, which includes parts of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, we think incumbent Pete Lee, a Democrat, deserves a second term and would better serve the district than Republican Jennifer George.

Lee has a business background and passed an important restorative justice bill that encourages criminals to take responsibility for their crimes. He continues to push for business development. Voters would be wise to return him to office for another term.

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House District 18, Pete Lee (D) vs. Jennifer George (R): Lee has proven an effective first-term lawmaker, though Republicans clearly were intent this year on killing his bills in committee as part of an effort to unseat him… We have admired Lee for his long-standing commitment to restorative justice (also the area of his biggest legislative accomplishment), in which first offenders are prompted to understand fully the impact on their victims and society, and allowed the opportunity for restitution. It’s effective in reducing recidivism and the high cost of avoidable incarceration, both of which offer tangible benefits to society…

We’re concerned that George has chosen not to fill out most questionnaires from numerous local citizens groups, and ducked the Citizens Project debate co-hosted by FOX 21 and the Independent. We have observed that candidates not responsive before the election are often equally unresponsive when elected…

We’d like to see how much Lee could accomplish as part of a House majority.  Vote Lee.
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Individual Endorsements - I am honored to be endorsed by many great individuals and organizations. The full list can be found here. It is a true bipartisan effort from all over the community – the list includes not only Democrats, but Republicans and Independents as well.  We have the support of business owners and workers, fire fighters, police, teachers, principals, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, artists, community volunteers,  present and former elected officials and scores of others.  I thank them all for their support and assistance.

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