Dear House District 18,

The election season is ending soon and as they say, “things are about to get interesting,”.  Before it gets too hectic, I want to thank everyone who continues to help us by walking, phoning, inputting data, placing signs and doing the myriad of tasks needed for a successful campaign. I could not do this without you and I am truly humbled and grateful for your support.

Endorsements - I am honored to announce the list of individuals and organizations who have endorsed my candidacy for House District 18. The full list can be found here It is a true bipartisan effort from all over the community – the list includes not only Democrats, but Republicans and Independents as well.  We have the support of business owners and workers, fire fighters, police, teachers, principals, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, artists, community volunteers,  present and former elected officials and scores of others.  We thank them all for their support and assistance.

Fundraising and Television - I hope you have seen and heard our TV and radio spots.  You can view the TV ads here. Thanks to all who contributed to fund this endeavor. It has worked so well for us, that we hear our opponent and her supporters will be following our game plan.  But rather than describing real solutions and thoughtful policy, the opposition is going negative -distorting, misrepresenting, and even lying about my record. Of course, we will respond with the truth – and as I stated at the beginning of this campaign, I will not resort to name calling. Instead, I will continue to talk about my plan to grow the economy and create jobs.  I will focus on real bipartisan solutions, not canned rhetoric.

Citizens Project Candidate Forum – Please attend the forum sponsored by the Pikes Peak Equality Coalition, the NAACP and others on Tuesday October 16 at 5:00 PM at Stargazers Theater.  Ask hard questions and learn what the candidates stand for- and against.

Finally, as we head into these last few weeks, I still need to raise a few dollars to keep our message on the airwaves and our canvassers knocking on doors. As you’ve heard me mention, House District 18 is the top target in the state – if you’ve been thinking about contributing, or making another contribution, now is the time. Your donation here will make a huge difference.

As always, I continue to work hard and to listen to your ideas.  Contact me at or call me at  719-460-2834.

Pete Lee
State Representative, House District 18

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