HB14-1079 Limited Offerings Securities Signed Today by Gov. Hickenlooper

BjwtE25CYAA1JfsHB14-1079, Increasing Limited Offerings Securities, was signed this afternoon Gov. John Hickenlooper. The bill raises the amount of money a Colorado business may raise in an in-state-only stock offering from $1 million to $5 million. The bill requires the company conducting the offering to have its headquarters in Colorado, a majority of its employees working in Colorado and that 80 percent of the funds raised must be spent on operations in Colorado. My bill will increase businesses access to capital and reward businesses that are investing resources in Colorado and hiring Coloradans. This is part of our economic package to boost the economy and create jobs. Thank you to all of the Colorado business owners who joined us at the Governor’s office for the bill signing!

HB14-1083: Acute Treatment Units Stock Medications Signed by Governor Hickenlooper


I am very pleased that HB14-1083: Acute Treatment Units Stock Medications has passed through the General Assembly unamended with unanimous, bipartisan support and has now been signed by Governor Hickenlooper. Acute treatment units (ATU) provide medically supervised behavioral health treatment services to individuals who suffer from psychiatric disorders. Previously, current law did not allow an ATU to have an onsite stock of medications. My bill allows an ATU to procure, store, order, dispense, and administer prescription medications and to receive a supply of emergency kits or starter doses from a registered prescription drug outlet or licensed hospital for patient treatment. For those facing urgent psychiatric crises, this bill will ensure prompt, effective, and dignified treatment.


Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program Passes Committee

Very pleased that my bill to help develop our next generation of workers by training interns in high-tech STEM field jobs has passed through the Business Committee.

More info from the Colorado House Democrats:

House Democrats’ focus on accelerating job creation in Colorado’s high-tech industries got a double boost today with committee passage of two bills to develop the high-tech workforce and claim a share of what Star Trek fans know as “the final frontier.”

Reps. Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs) and Mike Foote (D-Lafayette) are the sponsors of HB14-1013, which passed the Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development Committee this afternoon on a 6-5 vote. The bill augments the Advanced Industries Accelerator Program, which was launched in 2013, by creating incentives for private companies to offer paid internships and apprenticeships to get more Colorado high school and college graduates into the highly skilled jobs that the state’s emerging high-tech economy is producing.

“The governor has stated that he wants to make Colorado the most business-friendly state in the nation,” Rep. Lee told the committee “Part of doing that is developing and training a qualified workforce, and one of the ways to develop and train a qualified workforce — and it’s been accepted in business and industry for decades — is the idea of the use of interns. So we’re just implementing a tried-and-true strategy that’s has been utilized for a long time.”