Pete’s Bills

2014 Bills

HB 14-1013: Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program - The bill creates the advanced industries workforce development program in the Colorado office of economic development (office). The purpose of the program is to allow the office to reimburse a business for one-half of its expenses related to a qualifying internship or apprenticeship.

HB14-1023: Social Workers For Juveniles - The state public defender may hire social workers to assist in defending juvenile defendants. Any report prepared by such a social worker and submitted to the court by the juvenile’s attorney shall be considered as evidence in the proper disposition of the juvenile’s case.

HB14-1079: Monetary Amount Limited Offering Securities - The bill increases the monetary amount allowed under the limited offering registration procedure in the “Colorado Securities Act” from $1,000,000 within a 12-month period to $5,000,000 within a 12-month period.

HB14-1082: Life Insurance Notice Of Cancellation - The bill specifies that cancellation of a life insurance policy is valid only if the cancellation is for reasons allowed by law. The insurer must send a written notice of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation at least 30 days before the effective date of the cancellation of the individual life insurance policy.

HB14-1083: Acute Treatment Units Stock Medications - Acute treatment units (ATU) provide medically supervised behavioral health treatment services to individuals who suffer from psychiatric disorders. Current law does not allow an ATU to have an onsite stock of medications. The bill allows an ATU to procure, store, order, dispense, and administer prescription medications and to receive a supply of emergency kits or starter doses from a registered prescription drug outlet or licensed hospital for patient treatment.

2013 Bills

HB 13-1003: Economic Gardening - This bill creates an economic gardening pilot project in the CO office of economic development. Staff members of small business development centers (SBDCs) who have been trained and certified in economic gardening principles will provide 12 months of strategic assistance to at least 20 CO-headquartered second-stage companies.  Passed the House and Senate, awaiting the Governor’s signature.

HB 13-1138: Authorizing Public Benefit Corporations This bill permits a corporation to become a public benefit corporation enabling it to promote social, environmental or other community benefits as well as making a profit.  Signed into law 5/15/2013.

HB 13-1253: Small Business Capital StudyEstablishes a study and report identifying the availability of, need for, and barriers to acquisition of, capital for CO small businesses and also creates a fund for purposes of financing the study.  Lost in the Senate Appropriations Committee on 4/29/2013.

HB 13-1254: Restorative JusticeThis bill allows prefiling diversion to restorative justice for juveniles, provides for a study of the results and allows offenders and law enforcement to initiate the process.  Passed the House and Senate, awaiting the Governor’s signature.

HB 13-1292: Keep Jobs in Colorado Act - This bill ensures that 80% of the labor force employed on public works will be Colorado labor and limits outsourcing.  Passed the House and Senate, awaiting the Governor’s signature.

SB 13-116: Psychologists Evaluate Defendants Mental State - This bill gives forensic psychologists the authority to conduct mental health evaluations.  Signed into law 4/8/2013

SJR 13-009: Emancipation Proclamation Awareness Month – Designating February 2013 as “Emancipation Proclamation Awareness Month” recognizing the historical significance of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln.  Adopted.

SJR 13-017: Conflict Resolution Month - Recognizing October as “Conflict Resolution Month” in order to facilitate events that celebrate and promote the use of productive conflict resolution in communities across Colorado.  Adopted.

2012 Bills

HB 12-1065: Advance Practice Nurses Deadline for Prescriptive AuthorityOver 300 skilled professional APNs had their prescription writing authority revoked by DORA for failing to comply with new filing requirements.  This bill extends the deadline for filings so that critical health care workers can return to work.  This bill was passed.
HB 12-1113:  Hire Colorado Bill  - require the State to contract with companies who employ Colorado workers and veterans.  Twenty-Nine other sates have implemented state contract preference bills to ensure state tax dollars are going to provide jobs within the state.  Lost in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on 2/22/2012.
HB 12-1133: Economic Gardening Pilot Program – This bill would have provided management and technical assistance to second-stage small business.  This program began in Littleton and has been successful in eight other state.  It provides high powered management consulting usually only available to Fortune 500 companies.  It would have helped small businesses, the true job creators!  The was no opposition testimony to this bill.  Lost in the House Economic and Business Development Committee on 2/24/2012.
HB 12-1208: Recodify the Colorado Revised StatuesColorado used to recodify the statutes every 10 years and ceased doing so in 1973.  As a result our statues contain obsolete and conflicting provisions, are disorganized and misnumbered; recodifying them would improve the clarity and certainty of the statues.  This technical corrections bill is non-partisan.  Lost in House Judiciary Committee on 2/21/2012.
HB 12-1279: Public Financing of State Legsialtive campaigns – This bill is an attempt to help combat the corrupting power of money and special interests in campaigns.  funded by money voluntarily donated by citizens at their own discretion, it would require no General Fund monies.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 2/29/2012.
SB 12-021: Financial Literacy Program for County Residents – Offers a CSU financial literacy course to help consumers learn about mortgages, credit cards, savings & investing – offered free to counties to make available locally.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 3/22/2012.

2011 Bills

HB 11-1032: Restorative Justice – Would give victims of some crimes the right to meet face-to-face with the offender under highly-regulated circumstances, and allows for sentences that focus on compensating and repairing harm to victims.

HB 11-1129: Buy Colorado – Would encourage Colorado’s state government to choose Colorado-based companies when making state purchases, extending similar preferences to veteran-owned businesses. Co-Introduced with Representative Dan Pabon of Denver.

HB 11-1132: On-Bill Weatherization – Would allow Coloradans to weatherize and upgrade their homes to save energy and costs, and pay off the loan on utility bills using savings from reduced energy usage.

HB 11-1203: Criminal Records Sealing – Updates criminal record handling procedures to address new technology.

HB 11-1219: Uniform Military and Overseas Voting Act – Brings Colorado up-to-date with recommendations from a national committee to ensure our military stationed overseas can vote. Co-Introduced with Representative Claire Levy of Boulder.

HB 11-1266: Economic Development – Would encourage investment in Colorado’s small business by creating an enterprise connecting investors to businesses.

SB 11-260: The Allen Rose Tow Truck Safety Act – Introduced by Senator Morse in the Senate and Representative Lee in the House, gives tow truck drivers tools to protect themselves from life-threatening accidents.

SB 11-264: Clarification of a Mechanics Lien – Introduced by Senator Newell in the Senate and Representatives Lee and Gardner in the House, clarifies a “mechanic’s lien.

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